You Have A Problem ... We Have Solutions

Why Insurance Solutions?

Everything valuable is insured against loss.

The Hope Diamond is insured against loss. 
Irreplacable Works of Art are insured against loss.
Houses and Office Buildings are insured against loss.

How much more valuable are you?    

And what about your life savings?   

How much have you saved in 401(k)s, stocks, etc.? 
How much of that can you afford to lose?

(to market losses, taxes, inflation, and inadequate health coverage)
Shouldn't your money be protected and insured? 

No one likes paying for insurance, yet no one wants to be without it.
Protect yourself - and your financial future.

If you do not have adequate financial protection, then you have a problem ... and we have solutions.
  1. Leaving an Inheritance
    If you have a desire to leave money or possessions to someone else, one of your top concerns should be "Do they want this?" Many times parents desire to leave their house or a piece of land to their children, yet their offspring may not want it or they may not be able to afford to keep it - usually because of taxes - or they could end up fighting over it. Get that straight first. It may be better to leave a tax-advantaged inheritance to each person. Our gifting solutions may be the answer while also providing funds over an extended period of time rather than a large lump sum.
  2. What if I Die too Soon?
    It can happen to anyone. Who would do your job for you? How would your family cope? Who would go through your belongings? What would it cost time-wise and money-wise to bury you? To tie up all your loose ends? Could your family return to work focused? Make sure you AT LEAST have inexpensive term life insurance. Run your own hassle-free quotes on our website or call us for private counsel. It's too important to leave undone. We'll listen and help you secure coverage.
  3. Fear of Running out of Money
    Approx 4 of 5 Adults in the U.S. are concerned that they will live longer than the money they have set aside for retirement. Retirement funds may experience losses or not earn enough interest to keep up with inflation. Social Security may not last another generation. What's a person to do? Purchasing someone else's pension at a discount, or acquiring an annuity that is guaranteed to pay monthly or annually until both spouses pass away, may provide the income necessary to increase both peace of mind plus financial security.
  4. Investment & Savings Ideas
    Discovering the next big start up company could take you from rags to riches; however, that's not what we do. Our products and services are for protection - to prevent losses while providing a healthy rate of return. To reduce taxation. To put everything in writing so you know how much you'll receive and when. Conservative single digit strategies, bonus money, and/or indexing strategies with possible double digits gains. Plus we partner with a Registered Investment Adviser as well as a faith-based Certified Financial Planner for stock market assets and funds you would prefer to keep under paid management.
  5. The Right Health Coverage
    Since the introduction of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (PPACA aka ACA or Obamacare) millions of individuals and families have seen their monthly premiums increase, deductibles increase, and choice of providers change. Those on Medicare are also seeing changes with more on the way. It helps to have an experienced licensed agent to talk to, to offer guidance, to help you choose the coverage that's right for you. We even allow you to run your own hassle-free quotes 24/7 with select companies.
  6. Who Will Take Care of Me?
    If you get into an accident, or develop a severe illness, will your family members be there to take care of you every single day? Will they get hurt trying to help you bathe? What about the loss of income? And so many new expenses? We offer different plans that put money in your pocket and/or pay for professional assistance in time of need. Options that allow you to maintain a sense of dignity and privacy. This coverage must be acquired before it is needed; although a current life insurance policy may be sold to help pay the bills.


The Solutions above may not be exactly what you need or have in mind.   It could be that you are concerned about another area of your health or finances.  Or perhaps it's not about you.  It could be someone you know.
Feel free to peruse this site.   Read about the Products & Services we currently have available.  Perhaps you will realize that you need to give us a call.  If we can help you, we will.  If not, then maybe we will have a suggestion.    No charge for a moment of our time.