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Hesed Insurance Solutions exists to serve and protect YOU - your life, your health, and your finances.   We use insurance, as well as insurance alternatives, plus investment resources.


Mr. Réne Evan Girard, dba Hesed Insurance Solutions, is an independent insurance agent, with a Bachelor of Science in Education for both Health Promotion and Mathematics.    

After becoming licensed to sell both life and health insurance in Texas, Mr. Girard worked as a captive agent offering Medigap and Rx plans to retirees age 65 and older.   In so doing, he couldn't help but notice a great disparity in the health and wealth of the men and women he met face to face.  Some were visably enjoying their golden years while others were noticably struggling.

"I met old people who golfed, mowed their own lawns, and enjoyed their grandkids to the hilt!  I also met people who used walkers, oxygen tanks, and took a dozen medications.  Age was rarely the determining factor, it was how they lived their lives."

Mr. Girard branched out into regular health insurance, long term care insurance, life insurance, and fixed annuities rather quickly.  Savings and safety were paramount.

Over time, Mr. Girard moved to California where he continued to diversify in order to bring his clients, and potential new clients, a greater selection as well as clever new ways to save or reposition their money.  Options their financial advisor had never presented.

Hesed Insurance Solutions is now back in the Lone Star State where we will continue to serve family and friends and all current clients; however, the focus and the scope is now nationwide with life, health, and the financial products and services necessary to protect individuals and families from financial ruin, as well as grow their savings and provide an even greater inheritance than they may have realized was possible, often by saving and investing more strategically with a reduction in taxation.  Our goal:  Safety plus growth without loss.


With Hesed Insurance Solutions, we're here to work with you and for you.  You'll receive personal assistance from a licensed agent and, depending on your situation, a whole team of financial professionals from coast to coast.

The Long Term Care insurance team is completely seperate from the Term Life Team that is an entirely different crew from those who help with Structured Cash Flows .... are you getting the picture? 

The common denominator in all of this is Mr. Girard - who knows it takes a village of specialists to adequately provide such a wide array of financial products, services, and solutions.

Most recently, we've partnered with 1) a Registered Investment Advisor who studied at Harvard;  2) a faith-based Certified Financial Planner; and 3) added investments for higher net worth individuals.
What is "HESED"?    
If you're wondering about the meaning of this word, or how to pronounce Hesed, then take a look and a listen .  
Our New Office Location in Texas as of 2017

In the heart of the DFW Metroplex, across from Six Flags over TX, the Texas Rangers ballpark and Dallas Cowboys stadium.   MAP   

For large cases, we can meet you in Southlake, Ft Worth, Dallas or any Regus office location within the U.S..

CAP - The Christian Non-Political Alternative to AARP
Hesed Insurance Solutions is the exclusive provider of various forms of health insurance, life insurance and financial savings strategies including retirement plans and wealth transfer.

HBA - Homeschool Benefits Association
Hesed Insurance Solutions provides health insurance, life insurance, plus financial savings strategies including college funding assistance.

No one is ever charged or billed for the insurance help they receive from Hesed Insurance Solutions.  Only when a person becomes an actual client, does Mr. Girard or any of his fellow agents receive any compensation by way of referral fees or commissions.  Rates are never a penny higher using Hesed.

This allows potential clients to receive the expert help they need with zero out of pocket cost.*  The companies that create the best products and solutions to meet our clients needs generate more business for themselves, so it's a Win-Win-Win for everyone. 

* There are fees for Managed Money / Assets Under Management

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